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Stump Removal Service Miami

Dead tree stumps are dangerous to you and your family. They can cause serious injury and ultimately land you in the hospital. If you need to remove or grind down an old stump, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate.

Miami Tree News

Preparación para huracanes o tormentas tropicales Miami

Preparación para huracanes o tormentas tropicales…La poda y corte de arboles en el Sureste de la Florida es un trabajo especializado que solo lo debe realizar una empresa con experiencia y los equipos adecuados. En Dreidy Tree Service contamos con esa experiencia y los equipos para proveer el servicio de manera segura:

Nos encargamos de:
Corte de la corona
Reducción del tamaño del arbol
Remoción de Madera Muerta
Levantamiento del “Canopy”
Corte a conveniencia para mejor vista
Corte y remoción de raíces
Remoción de árboles

Otros servicios disponible según lo solicite. Llámenos hoy para un estimado.


Miami Tree News

Hurricane Tree Preparedness Service Palmetto Bay Florida

Hurricane Tree Preparedness Service

Palmetto Bay Tree Palm Trimming & Stump Grinding

One of the most important steps homeowners can take to minimize potential damage during a hurricane is to maintain trees properly.

  • During a storm, overgrown or neglected trees can become tangled in utility lines leading to power outages. Weak branches and leftover fruits can turn into projectiles causing serious damage to people and property. Trees themselves can blow over if their roots are too shallow for our climate or if the tree is diseased or damaged.

  • Each Spring, property owners and renters should check the condition of nearby trees. Be on the lookout for broken branches, dead limbs, root rot, and trunk decay.

  • If you are planting trees in advance of the rainy season, be sure to select the Right Tree for the Right Place to ensure that you plant a tree that can withstand our climate and storms.

Prepare your trees for Hurricane season contact Dreidy & Bros Tree Services today, we are a licensed and Insured Tree Services Company in Miami-Dade County.

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Quality Tree Palm Trim Cut & Removal Palmetto Bay Florida

Palmetto Bay Tree Palm Trimming & Stump Grinding Services

We are the trusted local company in Palmetto Bay, Village of Pinecrest, City of South Miami, and unincorporated Dade-County for any tree, palm, or stump problem you got at hand.

Our services are proven and tested for their high-quality service at a low and affordable price. Many homes have chosen us to do their tree services because of their trust and our years of expertise. From tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding to maintenance, our tree service workers are completely equipped in tree care and services technology to provide top quality tree service.

Call for a free estimate: 305-224-6999

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Tree Palm Stump Cut Clean & Removal Miami-Dade County

Tree Palm Stump Cut Clean & Removal Miami-Dade County

At Dreidy & Brother Tree Service, safety and quality are the pillars of our operations.  Our team is focused and driven towards providing a quality service at fair, competitive pricing while striving for excellence in our business practices.  We are a family-owned company of respect, equality, and dedication to performing to the best quality work.

Keep your greenspace healthy and vibrant with our professional tree services for tree & palm removal, tree & palm trimming, and tree & palm planting, and most importantly tree hurricane storm preparation.  Our tree services are designed for your property with proactive and preventative solutions to ensure the natural beauty of your trees to keep them healthy and thriving in our beautiful South Florida…

Miami-Dade County, West Miami, Coral Gables, Matheson Hammock, Palmetto Bay, City of Pinecrest,  City of Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Cocoplum Gables Florida, Homestead, Florida.

Best Tree &  Palm Trimming Service in Miami, FL


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Palmetto Bay Tree Palm Stump Removal Service

Affordable Tree Care & Removal Services In Miami-Dade County. Call Us! Top-Rated Tree Services Company. Family Owned & Operated. Open Now.

Our services include Tree & Palm Trim Cut Removal and Pruning Services. 

We have been serving our Local Communities for Over 25 Years. 24/7 For Emergency Tree Services Available. We are Fully Licensed & Insured. 

Affordable Prices. No Hidden Cost. 24/7 Emergency Response. Licensed & Insured. Services: Tree & Palm Care Cleaning, Tree & Palm Trimming, Cut & Removal. 

THE BEST 10 Tree Services in Palmetto Bay, FL

Miami-Dade County, West Miami, Coral Gables, Matheson Hammock, Palmetto Bay, City of Pinecrest,  City of Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Homestead, Florida

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Christmas Lights Installation Miami

Christmas Lights Installers Miami

There’s nothing like the sight of beautiful dazzling lights to signal the arrival of the holidays, Christmas & the New Year. But, nothing can be more tiresome than that annual chore of hanging the lights, wrestling that old ladder, and untangling strand after strand of lights. Skip all the headaches and frustration and leave the Christmas Light Installation in Miami Florida to the pros this year!

Contact us for a free estimate! 305-224-6999

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Dreidy & Brother Miami Tree Service Palms Trim Cut Stump Removal

Serving Local Communities for Over 25 Years. 24/7 For Emergency Tree Services Available. We are Fully Licensed, Insured. 24/7 Emergency Response. Affordable Prices. Licensed & Insured. No Hidden Cost.

Services: Miami Tree Service Palms Trim Cut Stump Removal

FREE ESTIMATE: 305-224-6999

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Miami Tree & Palm Service

Dreidy & Brother Tree Service is a full-service tree care company that handles any scenario. We offer competitive estimates and prompt service. Call us! 100% Satisfaction!

We Provide Tree & Palm Services in Miami-Dade County

  • Miami Emergency Tree Services

  • Miami Tree Removal

  • Miami Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning

  • Miami Stump Grinding & Stump Removal

  • Miami Lot & Land Clearing

  • Miami Tree & Palm Trimming & Pruning Service

  • Miami Palm Cleaning Service


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Trees Palms Stumps Trim Cut Removal Services Miami

Welcome to Dreidy & Brother Trees & Palms Trim Cut Removal Service. Your Local Tree and Shrub Pruning Experts. Schedule Your Free Consultation Today! 1.305.224.6999 Commercial Tree Services. Scientific Tree Care. Residential Tree Services. Services: Emergency Tree Service, Pruning Services, Tree Disease Management, Tree Removal.