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Tree Services in Coral Gables Florida


Tree Services in Coral Gables, Florida

Are you looking for tree service in Coral Gables, Cocoplum, City of Pinecrest Key Biscayne? Most areas have an abundance of tree services to choose from, but not all are licensed or insured.

In the tree service business, if the owner of the home hires a company to cut down your tree and they cause damage to your property, your neighbor’s property, or someone is injured, then you are liable for all damages.

The first question you should ask a tree care provider tree service specialist is “Are you licensed and insured to operate in Coral Gables, Florida?” If they say yes, then get a free quote. Most tree services will provide a free estimate before starting work.

Our staff members work diligently to ensure that our customers’ needs are met to the fullest. Accidents do happen, and Dreidy & Brother Tree Service stands behind all of our work. We have the best tree climbers around, we remove hard to reach dangerous trees. We Do it All! Call for a free estimate

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Coral Gables Tree Trimming Services

So how much does it actually cost to remove a tree in South Florida?

Professional Tree Services ranges between $500 and $800. This depends on several factors. For an accurate assessment of the job please contact us to schedule a visit. 

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